RSVP senior citizen

You are a valuable resource
for our community!

If you are 55 or older, living in Adams, Brown, or Pike County, the RSVP volunteer program needs your skills and talents! Share your lifetime of experience while enjoying the mutual rewards of volunteering.

Find the opportunity that’s right for you

No matter how much time you have to share, there’s a place for you! The RSVP network serves more than 70 local and national organizations, so you choose the areas that are most meaningful to you.

What would you like to do? A wide range of opportunities includes:

  • TutoringJWCC-RSVP logo
  • Mailings
  • Clerical
  • Medical transporting
  • Delivering meals and groceries
  • Disaster response and recovery
  • Activities assistants
  • Insurance counseling
  • Tour guides/hosts
  • Sewing teddy bears
  • Telephoning
  • Court watch program
  • Reading to children
  • Visiting/assisting patients

Looking for something less formal?

Neighborly Assistance activities include taking neighbors to medical appointments or shopping, assisting with chores, or simply checking on them.

SPOT Volunteers are “on call” for Special Placement/One Time (SPOT) assignments which involve assisting with a variety of short-term projects. RSVP maintains a list of SPOT volunteers to contact as the office receives requests for assistance.

What’s in it for you?

Utilize your talents, develop new skills, meet new people, and engage your passions while making a difference in our community. More than 500 volunteers have joined forces to tackle tough issues and ongoing concerns.

When you volunteer with RSVP, you’ll begin with pre-service orientation and we’ll discuss the opportunities that best match your interests. Then we’ll introduce you to the organization’s staff and you’ll receive any needed training, as well as supplemental insurance while on duty.

Getting started

RSVP Worker

Additional Benefits for Volunteers

Volunteering should not create a financial burden. Therefore, you may request reimbursement for certain out-of-pocket expenses if they create a hardship for you.


Upon request, RSVP will reimburse you for travel expenses between home and the volunteer station when using your personal vehicle. There is a $25.00 limit per month. The volunteer time and expense report must be signed by the station supervisor where you were volunteering.

If you do not drive, the RSVP staff can arrange for public transportation, which is also reimbursable upon request. Taxi fares are not reimbursable unless you have received prior approval from the RSVP office.


If you are volunteering during a meal-time, you may request reimbursement for the meal, up to $7.50. To collect reimbursement, you must attach the meal receipt to your volunteer report which must be signed by the volunteer station supervisor.


When you enroll in RSVP you will be provided accident and excess liability insurance that covers you while traveling between home and the site, as well as during your volunteer time. The accident and excess liability coverage are intended to provide higher levels of insurance for you, beginning where your own insurance coverage stops. They are excess, not primary coverage. This is true, too, for personal liability; if you are not covered by personal liability insurance, the RSVP personal liability insurance becomes the primary insurance with no deductible.


When you enroll with RSVP, you will receive a name badge to wear during your volunteer assignment that identifies you as an RSVP volunteer.

A recognition banquet is held each year to honor volunteers for their years of service with RSVP.  Volunteers who have reported at least 24 hours of service to the RSVP office during the previous 12 months will receive an invitation to attend the event free of charge.  Other volunteers and guests may attend the celebration for the cost of the meal.

Other events may be held throughout the year to recognize volunteers as decided by the RSVP staff when resources are available.

3 people posing at the Mt. Sterling IGA
RSVP members sing at the Sunset Retirement Home
Various ladies serving soda in Styrofoam cups
Eleanor Yackley and Kathie Clark manning a booth

Volunteer Opportunities

Check out a few current or ongoing volunteer opportunities! Please call the RSVP office at 217.641.4961 to learn more about these and other options. Our RSVP staff is happy to help match you to a rewarding experience.

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Heath Richmond
Manager, Adams, Brown & Pike County RSVP

Portrait of Nicole Zulauf

Nicole Zulauf
Volunteer Coordinator, Adams County RSVP

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Susan Abbott
Volunteer Specialist

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Heather Manwell
Office Assistant, Pike County RSVP

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Kathy Ebbing
Office Assistant, Brown County RSVP